Workshop/Seminar Submissions

Workshops/Seminars are intended to offer conference attendees the opportunity to explore areas of literacy that support or extend their current practice, or that introduce new thinking and research. The workshop/seminar may take the form of an oral presentation or a more interactive or collaborative session, and will last for 45 minutes.


Presenters will be required to register and pay for the conference.

Proposals are limited to one page and should provide:

  • The workshop/seminar title
  • Brief description of workshop/seminar content
  • Brief description of how the workshop/seminar will be delivered
  • Any preferred limit on the number attending your workshop/seminar
  • Are you prepared to present your workshop/seminar twice?
  • Presenter(s) name and contact email(s) and phone number(s)
  • Short biography of the presenter(s)

DEADLINE for submission of proposals:                13 April

Notification of workshop/seminar acceptance:                     1 May

Please send your proposal to: