NZLA Regional Events

  • Manawatu
    Wed 3rd Oct 2018 — Fri 5th Oct 2018

    Literacy Landscapes; NZLA National Conference

    The Manawatu Literacy Association is proudly hosting the National Literacy Conference in 2018. We have a wonderful line up of speakers, authors, storytellers and more! Bring your whole staff; there'll be something for all levels of schooling. We also look forward to sharing what Palmy has to offer.

  • Tai Tokerau
    Sun 4th Mar 2018 — Wed 19th Dec 2018

    Tai Tokerau Literacy Association 2018 Calendar

    The Tai Tokerau Literacy Association has developed the following calendar for 2018

  • Tai Tokerau
    Mon 19th Mar 2018 — Fri 1st Feb 2019

    The Role of the RT Lits

    Come along for afternoon tea to meet the Whangarei based RTLits and find out about their role in our schools

  • Tai Tokerau
    Mon 19th Mar 2018 — Fri 1st Feb 2019

    Tai Tokerau Literacy Association AGM

    The TTLA spends time reflecting on activities over 2018 and looking forward to 2019

  • Tai Tokerau
    Wed 11th Apr 2018 — Fri 1st Feb 2019

    Maths Meets Literacy

    Dianne will cover with us strategies and activities that can be used in writing and reading from Level One to Level Four.

  • Waikato
    Fri 2nd Mar 2018 — Thu 22nd Nov 2018

    Waikato Literacy Association 2018 Calender of Events

    A brief outline of the events that the Waikato Literacy Association has planned for this year.

  • Hawkes Bay
    Wed 21st Mar 2018 — Tue 1st Jan 2019

    “Inquiry for Impact”

     Kate will talk about the impact of a collaborative inquiry into how to accelerate progress in writing for a group of boys, using John Hattie’s Visible Learning research to inform the process.

  • Auckland
    Wed 21st Mar 2018 — Thu 31st Jan 2019

    Creating a flourishing school-wide reading culture

    This session will explore the benefits of reading for pleasure and the elements needed to create a collaborative school-wide reading culture, which encourages and supports students to become engaged readers. It will also look at a range of books, and ideas for using them to inspire even the most reluctant…

  • Wellington
    Mon 19th Mar 2018 — Sun 13th Jan 2019

    Murray Gadd The Effective Teaching of Writing

    Murray Gadd The Effective Teaching of Writing The Wellington Literacy Association To enrol, please email your name, school and number of teachers attending to Melinda An invoice will be emailed to you. Why not take the opportunity to join WLA and benefit from

  • Waiariki
    Thu 3rd May 2018 — Thu 31st Jan 2019

    “Neuroscience Foundations for All Learning”

    Nathan’s presentation will explore how the brain works and how neuroscience can better inform our day to day interactions with children and young people.

  • Waiariki
    Mon 26th Mar 2018 — Tue 1st Jan 2019

    Wairiki AGM

    Please come and join us for our AGM

  • Tai Tokerau
    Sat 19th May 2018 — Thu 31st Jan 2019

    Gathering Momentum – TTLA Seminar 2018

    The Tai Tokerau Literacy Association is pleased to invite Educators to our Annual Seminar Day, with two exceptional keynotes in Dr Ian Hunter & Linda Cheer

  • Auckland
    Wed 3rd Oct 2018 — Fri 5th Oct 2018

    ALA Sponsored Teacher Application for NZLA Conference 2018

    Auckland Literacy Association Sponsored Teacher Application – 2018

  • Waiariki
    Tue 26th Jun 2018

    Waiariki Literature Quiz 2018

    Children will compete in teams of three to answer questions from four categories of children's books. There will be seven titles in each category, and 80 questions in total to be answered in 90 minutes.