NZLA Guiding Principles

NZLA is an independent, professional organisation that promotes the enjoyment of literacy and supports literacy learning for all. Our work is guided by the following principles:

  1. Literacy is the ability to use language to interpret, create, and communicate. Literacy is embedded in social and cultural practices and empowers people to live full and satisfying lives and contribute to society.
  2. Language is the foundation for all thought and communication. 
  3. Literacy learning and teaching in Aotearoa New Zealand recognises Māori as tangata whenua and honours Te Tīriti o Waitangi
  4. Learners take different pathways to becoming literate. A teacher’s knowledge of the learner underpins effective literacy practice. 
  5. Learning is most effective when teachers draw on and affirm learners’ social and cultural identities and home literacy practices.
  6. Every learner lives within a network of significant people in their community, whānau, and school. Sharing knowledge within these networks enables ako (reciprocal learning and teaching relationships).
  7. Professional collaboration based on education science builds teacher expertise and enhances learner outcomes.

These principles were developed 2021-23 by the NZLA national executive in collaboration with representatives of all New Zealand councils. NZLA wishes to thank all who have contributed ideas and provided guidance.

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