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  • Teaser Image - NZLA Citation of Merit

    NZLA Citation of Merit

    The NZLA Citation of Merit is the highest award offered by NZLA, and exists to acknowledge and honour those members who provide outstanding service to the Association.

  • Teaser Image - NZLA Service Award

    NZLA Service Award

    Process for nomination and selection.

  • Teaser Image - Honour Council

    Honour Council

    The honour council system enables the New Zealand Literacy Association to acknowledge and affirm the special achievements of regional councils.

  • Teaser Image - Annual Meetings

    Annual Meetings

    The Annual Meeting involves all regional delegates meeting to promote and review the purposes and operation of the New Zealand Literacy Association.

  • Teaser Image - Financial Procedures

    Financial Procedures

    Rationale: To ensure that the NZLA meets its statutory financial obligations as a not-for-profit organisation.

  • Teaser Image - Documentation


    Defining procedures at both national and local levels for the presentation and storage of official documents which are relevant to the structure and administration of NZLA.

  • Teaser Image - Travel Funding

    Travel Funding

    The nature of the association and the geographical layout of New Zealand mean that travel is a major expense for NZLA.

  • Teaser Image - Scholarship for NZLA Members

    Scholarship for NZLA Members

    The NZLA is delighted to offer its members the opportunity to apply for the NZLA Research Scholarship. This is to provide financial support to a current individual financial member of NZLA in order to undertake research in the field of literacy.