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The Southland Conference team acknowledges the following sponsors of the 45th NZLA National Conference.

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Gold Sponsors
  • Scholastic

    The New Zealand Literacy Association has partnered with Scholastic NZ since 2007 to provide new books for children in the Pacific Islands.

    So far, over the many years that Scholastic and NZLA have partnered for this outstanding initiative, Scholastic has sent a total value of books to Pacific Island schools of over $100,000! Wow, absolutely amazing!

    This unique and exciting project brings books to the children of Oceania and also supports our Oceania colleagues. Books that Scholastic send over help ensure that Oceania children are exposed to a wide range of the latest books, therefore engaging and inspiring them in their path to lifetime reading.This year, you will find Scholastic NZ are not only a proud Gold Sponsor of the 45th NZLA Literacy Conference but also an exhibitor as well. They will have a fantastic selection of books on display for you to view and purchase at the event. Scholastic NZ has also provided this year’s conference tote bags. Each registered conference attendee will receive one when they arrive for the event. Thank you Scholastic NZ!

  • The Life Magazine

    The Life Magazine is proudly created and published by Naked Creative based in Invercargill.

    Naked Creative is a full-suite marketing agency providing services to businesses across New Zealand. The Life Magazine is aimed to entertain, inform and flaunt the South’s people, culture and much-desired lifestyle in a stylish, high-quality fashion.

    Naked Creative’s director Carla Forbes explains that “as storytellers ourselves we celebrate innovators, food and foodies, artists, and the unsung heroes of the south, we get the integral role literacy plays in shaping not just individual lives, but also the trajectory of our society.”

    Our dedication to the NZLA Literacy Conference is “a testament to our commitment to
    promoting literacy and reading as a cornerstone of success. The conference serves as a platform to foster dialogue, share insights, and emphasize the pivotal role of literacy in personal and societal growth. This synergy between our magazine’s storytelling ethos and the conference’s advocacy for literacy is a union that resonates deeply with our values. The act of reading extends beyond the mere consumption of words. It’s about opening doors to new worlds, broadening horizons, and nurturing a spirit of inquiry. Literacy equips individuals with the tools to express themselves, comprehend complex ideas, and engage critically with the world
    around them.”

    The team at Naked Creative have truly captured our conference’s vision and passion for literacy! We greatly appreciate Naked Creative’s support of the conference and their insightful magazine. Each registered conference attendee will receive a copy of The Life Magazine in their registration bag. Thank you Naked Creative!

    To read more, click on the link below to Carla’s article:

  • StepsWeb

    StepsWeb demonstrates the power of literacy, and is committed to fostering a brighter future through education and changing lives by improving literacy for its participants.

    StepsWeb is a leading web company that understands literacy is the cornerstone of education and personal growth. Their mission is to make literacy more accessible, engaging, and empowering for all in the classroom. StepsWeb uses core skills that are needed for reading and spelling in a way which is research-based and comprehensive – but also effective and enjoyable! Through cutting-edge digital tools, they engage educators, students, and communities to unlock their full potential in literacy.

    StepWeb’s gold sponsorship is gratefully received at the 45th NZLA Literacy Conference. With their support, they will make an even greater impact in advancing literacy education among educators and students. Thank you, StepsWeb!

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Bronze Sponsors
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