It- Coordinator’s Report 2019 – Scotty Delemare

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IT Coordinators Report 2019

2019 has continued to remain busy on the IT front.

It has been a pleasure to work with the councils, seeing the Google Mail & Drive being used regularly has shown a pleasing improvement, answering a range of questions, and seeing more information going up on the website has shown positive gains.

This year has been a big exploration for me in how we can better support Councils that pick up conferences. The burden for Councils in taking on facilitating registrations, invoicing, marketing, communications and ideally using a range of different tools that would take the pressure off councils both in time and cost. This is something I would be willing to support a Council with. We have some exceptionally driven and experienced Councils but please know I’m here to help with the big and small questions.

Maintaining Literacy Forum online is time consuming and there is always something more I can be adding in. I am aware that more information from the writers/contributors will help to make tagging more accurate. A goal in 2020 will be to develop SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) links onto each item so that Google will identify the article from a Google Search. 

This year a massive discussion and plan ahead has been made around taking the Literacy Forum into a Digital form. This is an exciting step. My background in this is limited, but a challenge is a challenge, since that point after researching different online options and connecting with a friend in Whangarei, who does this as a job, we are developing a plan forward into a new era for the NZLA. This won’t be a quick transition and discussions and trialling will be a huge part of the next year or two.

I acknowledge that I don’t always get it right, so please let me know directly where I can be improving in whatever aspect I can be working on. It’s a role where I can always be doing more, but I’m committed to doing my best to make sure that the front window of NZLA matches the quality of the history and people that represent the NZLA today.

Again, always there to help!

Scotty Delemare

IT Coordinator