News from Manawatu

News from the Councils

We are welcoming the New Year with a special event which will include our AGM. Rita Palmer will present a session entitled I taught it but they didnai??i??t learn it ai??i?? that situation where the focus of our writing lesson doesnai??i??t transfer into our childrenai??i??sai??i?? everyday writing? We are really looking forward to learning some new techniques, and to taking her practical ideas back to our classrooms.
We will be hosting the Manawatu heat of the Kidsai??i?? Lit Quiz in early April. We average 35-40 teams, so it is quite a big event to manage, and we really appreciate the volunteers who make it possible. The competition is always close, and we are constantly amazed by the knowledge and group skills that the teams bring with them.
And then, of course, it is onwards and upwards to conference. Planning is well under way, with keynote speakers in place and our author symposium now fully staffed. Menus have been decided, and a call for workshops has been sent out.
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Jan Watts