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The Tai Tokerau Literacy Association has been around for more than 25 years.

The TTLA Committee is made up of volunteers who are passionate people about the value of literacy.

The events and opportunities our team organise give Tai Tokerau a wide range of literacy events that support both educators and our community around us.


Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi

With your basket and my basket, the people will live.

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  • Past Events

  • Mon 10th Jun 2024 — Fri 10th May 2024

    Structured Approach to Literacy – Associate Professor Alison Arrow

    Alison will present a research and evidence based introduction and discussion on what a structured approach to literacy is and what it isn’t!

  • Wed 3rd Apr 2024

    Spotlight on Schools – Maunu

    Come along and hear about a school's approach to Literacy. A chat from the senior management team, a walk through the classroom chatting to teachers, and of course taking photos of possible ideas:)

  • Mon 18th Mar 2024

    Move in Literacy Workshop

    Come along to listen about research and practical activities balancing learning styles with curriculum.

  • Wed 7th Jun 2023

    Book Launch: The Poetry Book – Sheena Cameron & Louise Dempsey

    This practical workshop introduces Sheena and Louise’s new book: The Poetry Book.

  • Wed 17th Aug 2022

    Producing Better Outcomes for all Students – Russell Bishop

    The workshop will be a look at the pedagogy that produces the best outcomes for Maori students and other marginalised students as well. We will also consider the leadership practices that support teachers to be effective teachers of Maori students.

  • Wed 4th Aug 2021

    Being An Effective Teacher OF Writing: An Illustrated and Research-Based Presentation That Explores Being an Effective Teacher of Writing (YEAR 1- YEAR 8)

    An illustrated and Research-based presentation that explores being an effective teacher of writing from Year 1- 8


  • Russell Bishop

    ON two very rainy days and nights, the Tai Tokerau Literacy Association was fortunate to host Russell Bishop for 3 PD blocks. The turnout was excellent.

  • Murray Gadd comes to Whangarei

    Murray Gadd comes to Whangarei

  • Shared Book and Reading Aloud Workshop News

    Jill enthused teachers with her two - hour presentation at three Northland locations over a week towards the end of March.

  • Tai Tokerau Literacy Association President’s Report 2020

    Scotty Delemare presents his President's report for 2020.

  • TTLA Chairman’s Report 2019

    The Tai Tokerau Literacy Associations Annual Report for 2019.

  • Tai Tokerau Presidents Report 2019

    Another year passes by for the TTLA, another year of stepping up to bring literacy to the North. Writing this Presidents report highlights what we have achieved, and the different ways we are working with our wider community.

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