“Success For All” Seminar Wrap Up Tai Tokerau Literacy Association

An excellent day for the 75 people attending for our 15th Annual Seminar Day.

The theme ai???Success for Allai??? resonated well with our team and this opened the door for our two keynotes.

Melinda Webber spoke passionately about the importance of how we, as teachers, approach cultural issues, especially in expectations of success and giftedness. We were reminded that success is more than an academic result, especially in Maoridom where group success, values are seen as high things to attain.

Viv Aitken shared with us the power of drama in our classrooms. In an age of Multiple Intelligences it helped us remember that our class programmes need to have a mixture of approaches. Drama has the ability to bring out empathy, to consider the positions of others and to develop communication skills. The Mantle of the Expert idea is not to be taken lightly.

We had a range of excellent workshops on offer, across 2 workshop sessions of 5 presenters. As we put them together we were pleased to see the range of ways they looked at enhancing literacy.

The food was excellent, and plenty of it. We used two excellent venues Clark Road Chapel and Kamo Primary School and the day proceeded very well.

We look forward to organising a great event in 2018.

From a Committee point of view the day went very well. This day reminded us that we have to make sure we are working effectively and to time to make sure we have a great day. The challenge of organising workshops and getting everything in place early was a big lesson for us as a team. It highlighted the extremely hard working Jillian Norrie who has stood down from our team. Jillian had organised the workshops for several years.

TTLA Seminar Report 15th Annual Seminar Report