Tai Tokerau Literacy Association President’s Report 2020

2020, a year must of us would rather forget but yet it will and, already has had a major impact on one of the most affected national industries and one of our core roles, event management – bringing people together!

As a team we had our planning and discussions well planned from the year before but all that became very challenging when we went into lockdown in late March. We still checked in by email and occasionally, by Zoom, where it was nice to see other people’s faces, plans were put on hold and then suspended to 2021.

However as a team we still promoted Literacy in the best ways we could and still broke relatively even for one of our hardest years ever.

Events & Activities in 2020

  • In March, not long before lockdown, I presented a Poetry Workshop to a good sized group for an AGM get together. It was a good reminder for running a small event at the start of the year. I thoroughly enjoyed putting together something I was very passionate about and it pushed me outside my comfort zone in something I wouldn’t think about doing as a part time teacher. It’s a good challenge for all of us as teachers, to realise that we can share areas of our practice. This has led to writing an article for Literacy Forum, another challenge ticked off.
  • A group of us visited Auckland for the NZLA Northern Region Leadership Workshop which was very beneficial to all of us. It reminds us of where the NZLA have come from and what the key areas of focus for the NZLA are. A very encouraging time as we mixed in with the Auckland & Waikato regions.
  • Sarah Sharpe in Term 4 was our star event. Dyslexia and Neuro Diversity. A new speaker with a passionate and strong message. She connected very well with our audience from both those learning about these areas, and those who have been supporting children for a long time. The Kerikeri workshop also went very well. It’s always positive when discussions begin, to bring a speaker back up. Three educator’s from Corrections attended which was very encouraging.
  • We supported the Whangarei Debating competition by providing organisational and venue help.
  • We provided $1000 worth of books for Books for Babes. These were distributed in Whangarei, Kawakawa and the Kaitaia Hospitals.

Unfortunately, the NZLA National Conference in Taranaki was a victim of Covid-19.

To the team, this is a dedicated and committed team, we all have our strengths and challenges, but combined we all support each other to organise excellent events, no matter how big or small. I want to acknowledge that Term 4 began some challenging times for a couple of members and our hearts and thoughts are with them.

I am happy to serve in the role of President, but acknowledge that others are welcome to step into the job. I’m happy to serve in whatever role.

A special thanks also for the financial efforts of Glenice Andrews. We all realise and appreciate that this role is always ongoing as well as managing the Charities’ financial documents. Thanks Glenice!

Looking forward to a great 2021, promoting Literacy in the North!

Warm Regards,

Scotty Delemare

TTLA President 15/3/2021

Tai Tokerau Literacy Association Presidents Report for 2020 PDF