Wellington Literacy Association Term 1 2017 Professional Development

The Wellington Literacy Association hoped to start the year off with a workshop by the amazing John and Ruth McIntyre from the Childrenai??i??s Bookshop in Kilbirnie, followed by our Annual General Meeting.

The workshop was to be centred on ai???Encouraging teachers to use Read aloud books to motivate and inspireai???. Posing the question: With all you are asked to do in the day, is reading aloud to your students being squeezed out? Unfortunately at the last minute John was very unwell and neither he nor Ruth was able to present the workshop.

We are extremely grateful that in the middle of this health concern, Ruth took the time to compile a list of ai???Great Read Alouds you shouldnai??i??t leave school without hearingai??? just for our members. They have also generously allowed us to post this on the NZLA website and John and Ruth hope to reschedule this great session later in the year. Watch for further details.

Without the McIntryes there was a much smaller attendance for the AGM but luckily we managed to form a new committee. Hereai??i??s a photo of some of the committee sending good wishes to John at the end of the evening.

The next Wellington Literacy Association Event has just been announced. Look out for further details in early May.

Dr. David Moreau from the Centre for Brain Research in Auckland is coming to the Wellington Literacy Association on 18th May.

David will discuss current research and knowledge about training the brain, as well as how this line of work can inform best practices when children face learning difficulties.

He will introduce the MovinCog Initiative, which is a nationwide programme intended to offer children the tools to thrive in schools. He will also share some practical situations for our classrooms. Davidai??i??s presentation will build on the foundations of what we heard from Nathan Mikaere Wallis of the Brain Wave Trust, at previous WLA workshops.

Wellington Committee

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