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The Story of Our Logo:
The original concept came from 2 young students from a member school. They had used a very strong book page image- we asked our designer to modify this to include the changing forms that literacy can take – electronic media etc for future proofing of the image.

We think our logo represents…

the rivers, sea, lakes and blue skies of our region
the ‘wings’ could be water, pages or the links between oral language, reading & writing
the shades may represent the various levels of comprehension needed for literacy
‘wings’ which could be the furrows of a newly ploughed field: a reference to the farming carried out across our region
literacy ‘gives you wings’ apologies to red bull!
the various ages and stages of our population
literacy ‘flows on a sea of talk’ – (1970, Britton)
literacy is ‘uplifting’
the enlarged ‘L’ denotes the importance of literacy in our lives
3 kete of learning (Knowledge/ Matauranga, Personal & Social Development/ Hauora, Skills for Learning/ Ngā Tautōhito)
River, land, sea
Fibre optic cables connecting us to the world
Knowledge flowing from the past into the future


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  • Fri 30th Aug 2024

    2024 Book Battle

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  • Wed 17th May 2023

    Libraries Alive

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  • Thu 23rd Mar 2023

    Louise Dempsey & Sheena Cameron: Poetry Book Launch

    Come along to this amazing Teacher Event and hear about how The Poetry Book can help bring a new dimension to the classroom.

  • Wed 2nd Mar 2022 — Thu 15th Dec 2022

    Calendar for 2022

    We have an exciting year planned for our members


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