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  • Fri 28th Jul 2017

    Book Selling Competition – Tai Tokerau Literacy Association

    The TTLA is proud to be offering a book selling oral language competition to Year 4-8's. You want to sell your book, you want to promote it as the best book in the world! Involving reading and book promotion skills, a great way to tie your oral and literacy programmes…

  • Sat 20th May 2017

    Tai Tokerau Literacy Association “Success for All” Seminar Day

    The TTLA is proud to be back in the flow with our 15th Annual Seminar Day, effectively a conference in one day for an incredible price! Success for All! 2 great keynotes, with excellent workshops, Traders, great food and spot prizes!

  • Wed 1st Mar 2017

    Tai Tokerau Literacy Association 2017 Calendar of Events

    The TTLA has been planning the following activities for this year.

  • Tue 21st Feb 2017 — Fri 24th Feb 2017

    Barbara Brann Comes to the North

    The TTLA and Dyslexia Plus are proud to partner in an event that brings an exceptional speaker to Whangarei and Kerikeri. She will be running a day course and a dinner at each event; - Securing Junior Literacy Skills for Year 0-3 & Priority Learners (Day Course) - 7 Keys…

  • Wed 31st Aug 2016

    Developing Constructive Writers

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  • Sat 30th Jul 2016

    Making Literacy & IT Shine Together

    Sometimes do you feel that through all your good intentions you sometimes over balance one over the other? This dinner course will make a difference!