Thanks Tai Tokerau Literacy Association For ED Books Donation

Thanks Tai Tokerau Literacy Association For ED Books Donation
Edit by Michael Botur (NDHB) 20/07/2017 1:53 p.m.

ai??i??Last week the Tai Tokerau Literacy Association (TTLA) generously donated $1000 worth of children’s books to Whangarei Hospital’s emergency department. ED nurse manager Margaret Dreadon and Northland DHB would like to stress gratitude for the lovely and empowering donation.

Reading is one of the best things kids can do with their time. As the ED allows the books to be taken home, meaning stocks will soon dwindle, please if any readers have books or toys to donate, could you bring donate these at the Whangarei Hospital main reception.

TTLA President Scotty Delemare said the TTLA is made up of a group of volunteers who are passionate about literacy. The TTLA has been active for over 10 years in supporting literacy education, support and promotion to the region of Northland. “Whilst our core area of focus is working with educators, we appreciate and understand the importance of supporting literacy in the community. The ED of the hospital is a great place to see the power of a good book. A book that just for a moment will calm a child, or distract a sibling. We hope these new, vibrant and popular books will be well received.”

“There is also a personal note to this story for me. My father Vance and myself have spent more than our fair share of hours in ED and the various wards with a range of medical issues between us. I know we have always been well looked after by all involved. The staff often let me tidy up the books or categorise them into baskets when my father is in. I have appreciated firsthand the tireless work that this ward does and the humanity they show to those in terrible places.”

Pictured are Waekamania Watene of Kawakawa with Tai Tokerau Literacy Association president Scotty Delemare.