NZLA National News

  • NZLA President’s Report 2023

    Sarah McCord as NZLA President presents her 2023 Report.

  • It- Coordinator’s Report 2019 – Scotty Delemare

    The Report from the IT Co-ordinator

  • NZLA Literacy Forum Editors Report to the Annual Meeting 2019/2020 – Mal Thompson

    The 2019/2020 Report of the Literacy Forum Editor

  • NZLA Annual Meeting Presidents Report 2019/2020 – Joy Hawke

    For the first time in NZLA history, Annual Meeting went onto Zoom, due to Covid-19.

  • NZLA Annual Meeting Images 2019

    The NZLA Annual Meeting brings all the Councils together to report back on progress in 2018. This meeting is made up of both reports and interactive sessions looking at bettering our practice.

  • IT Coordinator’s Report 2018

    Scotty Delemare presents his report to the NZLA Annual Meeting

  • International Development in Oceania Committee Report

    The Report to the Annual Meeting of IDOC 2018

  • NZLA Presidents Report 2018-2019

    Joy Hawke presents her NZLA Presidents Report at Annual Meeting.

  • Research Project – Exploring literacy: How six schools lifted achievement – Eliza de Waal and Jan Eyre

    Given the importance of early success in reading and writing, the question of how schools can support children to make progress in these areas is of great interest. This project set out to explore this question by identifying schools that appear to be successful in achieving progress in literacy and…

  • Exec and President positions available

    Nominations are called for a Exec Member. Nominations as well for a President Elect to serve on NZLA for the next year and then take on the role of President in June 2020.

  • NZLA Presidents Report for AGM June 2017

    TAi??nA? koutou, tAi??nA? koutou, tAi??nA? koutouAi?? katoa. A very warm welcome to all of you attending this 2017 Annual Meeting of the New Zealand Literacy Association.Ai?? If this is the first time that you have been to our Annual Meeting, an especially warm welcome to you. This meeting gives you…

  • Literacy Trust Awards – Canterbury Literacy Association

    The Canterbury Literacy Association wishes to advertise 9 Awards for teachers to apply to . This is open to teachers across the regions of Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough & West Coast.

  • NZLA Northern Region Workshop 1 July 2017

    Several Associations gathered together in Auckland today to take part in the Northern Region Workshop. Teams from Tai Tokerau, Waikato, Waiariki, Auckland and one special guest from Canterbury The purpose of this time has been around gaining knowledge and giving ideas about how the Association operates at all levels.

  • NZLA President’s Report 2016

    Each year the NZLA Exec President provides their Report covering the work of the NZLA in this 12 month period from June 2015 -2016.

  • NZLA President Report 2015

    Each year the NZLA Exec President provides their Report covering the work of the NZLA in this 12 month period from June 2014 -2015.