Honour Council


The honour council system enables the New Zealand Literacy Association to acknowledge and affirm the special achievements of regional councils.  In doing so, the progressive, professional and inclusive nature of the NZLA councils is enhanced.


  • To identify and acknowledge the achievements of regional councils.
  • To provide opportunities to promote regional activities to the wider membership.
  • To enable councils to reflect regularly and set goals for their future direction.


    • The honour council criteria are available on the website.
    • Regional councils will decide if they wish to participate.
    • Regional councils will send the documentation and supporting evidence to the president, for consideration by the national executive at their April/May executive meeting.
    • The executive will consider all submissions.
    • Any council that fulfils the requirements shall be awarded honour council status.
    • The president will acknowledge the achievements of regional councils during the official opening of each year’s national conference.
    • The honour council year is annual i.e. January to December inclusive.
    • An award will be given to a regional council when they achieve honour council status consecutively for:
      – Bronze –  Three years
      – Silver  – Five years
      – Gold – Ten years
      – Platinum – Twenty years

For a working document on how to implement Honour Council Status click here Honour Council Award Requirements reviewed June 2014

Reviewed June 2014