Annual Meetings Policy


The Annual Meeting involves the NZLA Executive Committee, all regional council delegates and council observers meeting as a National Committee to promote and review the purposes and operation of the New Zealand Literacy Association.


  • Report on and review NZLA activities and the current financial position.
  • Provide opportunities for council members and Executive to collaborate on national and local initiatives and issues.


  • The date of the Annual Meeting is fixed for the weekend following Queen’s Birthday, unless otherwise negotiated. 
  • The venue for the Annual Meeting is in Wellington.
  • Standard meeting procedures will be followed to deal with agenda items.
  • The NZLA secretary will request council reports and items for the agenda from all delegates,
  • The NZLA executive will set the agenda which will include items for collaboration
  • The NZLA secretary will then circulate the agenda with copies of other relevant documents prior to the meeting. 
  • The following NZLA executive members must present an annual report at the meeting.
    • President
    • Treasurer
    • Literacy Forum NZ Editor
    • IT Coordinator
  • Regional delegates have voting rights.  Observers have speaking but no voting rights.
  • Each regional council may be represented by one delegate and up to two observers.
  • The regional council convening the annual conference will have representation reporting on planning and progress.
  • In the case of financial hardship a regional council may apply for funding assistance for a delegate only to attend the annual meeting.  A request must be put in writing to the treasurer, with a detailed current financial report of the council, at least eight weeks before the meeting for consideration.
  • The NZLA executive will fund costs for executive members, including Literacy Forum NZ Editor and IT coordinator. These cover accommodation, travel, breakfast and dinner.
  • The NZLA treasurer will book and confirm rooms for executive members, including Literacy Forum NZ editor and IT Coordinator, and organise refreshments.
  • The NZLA executive will fund lunch and morning tea on Saturday, and a light lunch on Sunday.
  • The secretary will circulate minutes as soon as possible after the annual meeting.
  • Regional councils are responsible for covering expenses for their delegate and observer in regard to…
  • Booking and paying for accommodation (1 or 2 nights)
  • Booking and paying for travel. Send a copy of receipt for the delegate’s travel to National Secretary for equalisation
  • Breakfast / dinner

Annual Meeting NZLA Policy PDF link

Reviewed June 2022