NZLA Service Award

Process for nomination and selection

  1. Councils may nominate potential recipients at any time based on the following:
    The criteria include:
    – The length and nature of membership and service to the council
    – Details of conference/workshop presentations at NZLA (which should be on at least three occasions);
    – Evidence of leadership role in organizing council events or literacy related events including conference/seminars endorsed by the Council;
    – Specific literacy promotion or leadership role in literacy development for the region.
  2. The nominee should be considered in reference to the above criteria.  To be eligible for the award the nominee should meet the first and at least two of the other criteria.
  3. The nomination, with full supporting details, should be forwarded to the National Executive of NZLA.
  4. The selection sub-committee will consist of the president (or his/her nominee), one executive and two delegates selected by the president. A decision will be made within three months of receipt of nomination.
  5. If the sub-committee accepts the nomination, the president will inform the president of the relevant council immediately, who will inform the nominee if appropriate and a suitable date requested for presentation.
  6. If the sub-committee deems that the nominee does not meet the criteria, the president of NZLA will write to the president of the nominating council detailing in what way the nomination was not successful.  If appropriate, this information may suggest that the submission did not include enough information on which to make a judgement and that it may be resubmitted.
  7. For a successful nominee, the national executive will prepare a certificate to be signed by the president of NZLA, and framed by the national executive.
  8. Either the president of NZLA or a member of the national executive, who is the closest geographically, will present the award at a Council event.
  9. The National Executive will ensure that the recipient’s name is included in the NZLA history on the website.
  10. Recipients of the NZLA Service Award will be announced at the annual meeting following the award.
  11. A copy of the award’s citation will be forwarded to the editor of the Literacy Forum NZ for publication.  The council of which the recipient/s is a member will be asked to forward a photograph to the editor of Reading Forum NZ to accompany the article.  All recipients who have received awards during the 12 months preceding a national conference will be acknowledged at the conference opening.

Reviewed June 2013