The NZLA executive needs to establish and maintain standard documentation procedures to:

  • Conform to legal requirements of the Incorporated Societies Act, and
  • Have an official record of local council directories
  • Have an official record of  Literacy Forum NZ
  • Have an official record of the Conference Handbook


To define procedures at both national and local levels for the presentation and storage of official documents which are relevant to the structure and administration of NZLA.


  1. Immediately after the Annual Meeting the NZLA will complete an annual return for Charities Commission and make the relevant payment to the Charities Commission to maintain current status. This is required in order to maintain registration as an Incorporated Society
  2. A copy of the NZLA constitution needs to be readily available as this may be required by Government Departments, Inland Revenue, or a bank, for tax exemption or sponsorship purposes.
  3. The NZLA secretary will hold a hard copy of current documentation:
    • By-laws or constitution
    • Details of office holders
    • Minutes of Annual Meeting
    • Current financial report
    • Forum editor’s report to Annual Meeting
  4. The NZLA treasurer will hold hard copies of financial records for the past seven years.

Reviewed June 2016

2016 Revised Documentation policy