NZLA Citation of Merit Policy

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The NZLA Citation of Merit is the highest national award conferred to an NZLA member.


To recognise and honour those who have made an outstanding contribution to NZLA and literacy.


To be eligible for the award the nominee should:

At the local council level (meet the first criteria and at least two others):

  • Demonstrate outstanding service as a member for at least ten years
  • Hold leadership position/s at local council level
  • Take a leadership role in organising council or other literacy-related events.
  • Regularly participate in local council activities or promotions
  • Assist with local organisation of an NZLA conference.

NZLA and International (meet at least three of the following):

  • Represent local council as delegate to annual meeting on more than one occasion
  • Be a member of the NZLA executive
  • Be involved in organising NZLA activities or events
  • Participate in national and/or international projects, research, activities
  • Represent NZLA on national or international committees or special task forces (for example IDOC)
  • Present at national and/or international conferences on at least three occasions
  • Publish literacy-related papers
  • Hold a high national and/or international profile in own field.


  1. The secretary will seek nominations and ensure that local councils are aware of the process and the nomination criteria (see above)
  2. Nominees will have demonstrated an outstanding contribution in each of the following areas:
    – Local council
    – NZLA
    – National or international involvement in literacy promotion
  3. Local councils should forward detailed supporting information, including the full name of the nominee(s) to the president of NZLA six weeks prior to Annual Meeting.
  4. The nominating council will maintain confidentiality until the executive decision is announced.
  5. Once NZLA Executive has made a decision, delegates will be informed in confidence at the next Annual Meeting.
  6. The president will inform the successful nominee(s) of the intention to present the citation as part of the opening of the next NZLA conference. This should be in sufficient time for the person to accept and be prepared to reply.
  7. The secretary will prepare the citation and arrange for it to be signed and dated by the president before it is framed.
  8. A copy of the citation, and a photograph of the recipient/presentation if available will be published in Literacy Forum New Zealand.
  9. The name(s) of the recipient(s), photograph, council and citation will be included in the history of NZLA on the NZLA Website.
  10. The executive is not obliged to award citations.

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Reviewed June 2022